Checkbox not aligning properly

I can’t get my checkbox to align with my other inputs?! I have no idea why. Here are screenshots of the editor and of the page.

Hi there, @daniel40… what does the Layout tab look like for the checkbox element?


this one?

That is the Appearance tab… I was wondering what the Layout tab looks like.

Oh, I assume you are on the old responsive engine? If so, you really should consider switching to the new engine.

The above being said, the X value in the other screenshot is set to 0, which I believe would push the checkbox all the way over to the left. Have you tried changing that value and have you looked at the responsive settings associated with the element?

but ive maxed the width of the checkbox and its inside of a group - so the x should be correct?

If it is inside of that main group, I would think it would be behaving like the other elements, but it’s obviously not, and I have no idea why.

ok changing seems to have worked but fudged up a couple other things, i’ll have alook. thanks :slight_smile:

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It’s not a instant solution but you could also make your own checkbox using a custom state and conditionals with an icon.