Checkboxes don't display the chosen data

Hi there,

I have a project about the vacancies in hybrid business, so the app is to search for a job in different projects and all.
I have a page with the catalogue of jobs that should be filtered by the type of employment, work schedule and I use checkboxes to filter data in the repeating group

but the trouble is that it doesn’t filter at all.
It seems to be very simple, but I cannot catch the solution. I’ve tried to make it just like in this video and comments to it, but it doesn’t work. I suppose, that the key might be in data app, but don’t know where can be a mistake.

So what i need in sum:

  1. All data in the repeating group should be initially visible, and the checkboxes should be used for filter through those pillars, that have for now.
  2. The ability to select multiple parameters (that’s why i choose checkboxes)

Here’s the parameters i have for the checkboxes if it can help somehow

here’s the data from data app

I’m trying to do it for three days already and nothing can help and unfortunately i haven’t found anything there that could solve my problem:(

Many thanks! Extremely waiting for help

Getting this to work effectively will depend on how you have set up the data source in your RG. Can you share screen shots of that, or even better link to your app. here’s the link,

and the screenshot

Thats the link to the app. We would need the link to the editor.

oh, sorry, here it is

It’s a bit tough to know for sure because of the language, but from what I can tell your app organization is a bit muddled. I suggest the following:

Add a constraint here:

where the text field is in the result’s custom state per this.
Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 12.35.16 PM

Then in the workflows for your checkboxes, all you’ll need to do is plus or minus them from that custom state, and that should do it nicely.

Also, as an additional point:
Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 12.38.09 PM
Your organization is highly inefficient as you are doing 2 search for’s within the RG. You shouldn’t need to do any searches if you have your data set up correctly. But even with your existing data structure, put the image and the text into the same group and then do the search in the group, with each element using the parent group’s content.

Do you mean the constraint as “custom state” -is in results’s “custom state”?

as for plus-minus items : it’s already done and there’s no any reaction on clicking on them in preview
as for “search for” in RG - i’ve already changed it to the right one.

many thanks!


I think the issue is that your plus/minus logic is back to front:

If the value IS checked when the element is clicked, then you want to MINUS it.
If the value IS NOT checked when the element is clicked then you want to PLUS it.

Here’s a good trouble shooting tip:
Add a text element to your page and make it dynamic with the appearance of Result’s custom state. Then you can see if the problem is due to the custom state not being updated. If it does get updated then the problem is with the RG. If not, then the problem is with the updating of the custom state.

Than in preview the list of vacancies is not shown anymore and we see only empty space

As for the checkbox logic - honestly don’t quite understand why logic is like this

Would you be so kind to explain me a bit more in details ?

I’ve tried to make a dynamic text element and it shows up in preview

so when the element is clicked it goes like this:

when i remove the tick it shows in

if i put in RG the dynamic data NOT Current cell’s of custom state, but the result’s of custom state as in your shooting tip
so i change

this to image

than in the preview it shows up in the following way: clicked:


Thank you so much for your help !

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