Filtered chech box display is checked

I wanna filter data source in the Repeating Group by check box is checked.
The check boxes are the Status Field in the data source .

Status are 0%,25%,50% ,75%,100%.

I try to flitered check box display is checked

But, It doesn’t works…
Plese help me.

“is checked” returns a yes/no value.
You want to return a value that is actually the check boxes value.

You have 2 options:
Option 1: If the user can only select 1 status, then just change from checkbox options into one radio button list with the same options, and then have the constraint = the radio button choice. Don’t forget to check “ignore empty constraints”.
Option 2: If the user can select more than 1 status, then you need to do a bit more:
Step 1: Create a custom state on the page called something like “StatusChoices”. This will be a text type and check the box for a list.
Step 2: Add a workflow step for each status that says the following “When this status is clicked and this status is not checked, then add this status to the custom state”.
Step 3: Repeat step 2 for each status but say the following “When this status is clicked and this status is checked, then minus this status from the custom state”.
Step 4: Replace your constraint to be = “StatusChoices”.
Step 5: Check “ignore empty constraints”

Thank you for reply.

Can I ask more?

How do minus the custom state?
I know “set state” , but the workflow is to add, isn’t it?

Please tell me the way.

This is a similar example in my context.
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 9.49.14 AM

minus item or list!

Can I ask more?
I choose Option 2!

How do I add this status?
I tried to This check box is checked… It was yes or no, so it doesn’t work…
Next, I tried to Get option(status is choose option set), then appeared error massage. The massage is " should be list of textd ,but now it is a text"…

help me…

Then I try to do something.
I think “add=plus item, minus=minus item”,so I try to the picture.
But it doesn’t work. why…?

help me

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