Check box filters and shows only filtered texts on a group?

This is without using a search button.
Users can check things if they want to only show girls, he will check the girl check box and the group will show only girls.

How is this possible? Should I use a repeating group? But the data i wanna show isnt dynamic and its just a text so i dont know what the “data source” of the repeating group is.

Basically, how do i put values on texts i create so it will be shown depending on what the user has checked or clicked?

Something like this:

Doable, certainly. But you are going to have to work some to do it :slightly_smiling:

I have made a start here.

The tricker bits …

  1. If no checkboxes are ticked then don’t apply the filter
  2. Removing the colour from the list when the checkbox is unchecked

Where do you store data for the fruits? And why does it say “current cell’s text”? Where did that value come from? What i understand from “current text” values, its usually the data from what the user inputted. And in this case, theres no input box.

Fruits are stored on a table called fruits.

The “current cell’s text” is just a repeating group, but one that has a type of “text”. That way you can pull out the uniques, so you only have the set of colours that are stored.

Where is the database of Bubble? can i manually add entries on that backend database? Im exploring the data tab but it doesnt show any of the entries i try to put on the “add entry” option. Also, i cant even see the “database views”

Under data/app data

Yes, you can add your own. Looks like someone added a “pink”.

That was me who added pink. I think bubble has a bug or glitch cause it doesnt update on me.

Also, i cant see the “database views” but i can add an entry.

Im guessing its just on my browser.

Anyway, i kinda get the idea now. I have a data type called People. And a field called “Type”.

I added a dtabase view. Then added entry under People. It should show on the repeating group the entries i added. But its not.


Never mind. Its showing now. Im just wondering why your repeating group is “text” and data source is from the databse. I tried that on mine but it says i should change the type of content to what the data type i wanna pull the data from.

Anyway, how can I put values on the checkbox? Yours do not have a value. Its just a check box. I need to have a value for the checkbox so it will filter the result on the main group (which is also a problem ill figure out later)

My repeating group is text, because that way I can make sure (via :unique items) that I only have one entry per “type”. So if I have 100 “Farmer” rows I only want Farmer displayed a single time, not 100 times.

The reason the check box doesn’t have a value is that the “label” on the checkbox is just that … a label. It isn’t accessible. So even if we call it “yellow” we can’t use that anywhere.

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Hello @NigelG, I am trying to build the search functionality presented above, but i am failing to :filtered on state, doesn’t appear to select.

I created a custom state “Text”, is it right?


@NigelG found it. When setting up a state, I should have selected display list!!

Other question, I notice that when selecting colours I display images in a repeating group, and these images overlap with each other.

Any thoughts about it?