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Checkboxes in repeating groups*

Hi fellow Bubblers!

Im stuck with deciding options or database. I have this form at the bottom that needs to be filled but flipped when saved to a case officer to review. Im stuck at understanding if using options is best, would it save the data chosen, and saving it to another page. It sounds funny, but i think that the option set isnt the way to go. If I need this information saved into the database, then brought back up to an admin for later viewing, exactly how the user inputted the information. But the case worker wants the form filled out exactly how the form looks once filled, or not. (yes/no check boxes)

im stuck, because am i literally going to have to write out every new field as a sentence? what about naming conventions in new types within the database… Am i literally going to have to use sentences like ‘Check all that apply’ and in the new field input ‘Unpaid/overdue real estate taxes’? Is there no KISS ‘Keep It Super Simple’ in the situation? I suspect that there isnt. Or should I use a Set State in this situation?

lol which makes it more complicated. How would i list it within a repeating group, and will the repeating group show all checked and unchecked check boxes? (facepalm)

There has to be a simplier way… What do you guys and gals suggest? Here are some pics before to better understand what im up against.

Thanks for your time…
@JohnGiaccotto What do you think?

Each question is likely its own field in the dB.

Any field with RGs would be saved as a list. Look into how robust the orchestra plugin for that!


tried, that doesnt work for me. Thanks though…