Creating a sports app

Hey sports Fans, I’m trying to create an app for the sports in my community and want it to grow nationally, unfortunately I find myself struggling with creating a database for the players can anyone help me. I need it to rank the teams in a log format and also show individual player stats. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


You could have a thing called “Teams” and another one called players, how many stats would each player have? if theres alot you could have another thing called “stats”


  • Player A
    *Stats (for playerA)
  • Player B
    *Stats (for playerB)


  • Player A
    *Stats (for playerA)
  • Player B
    *Stats (for playerB)

More information on how your app works would be helpful, such as, are your users players themselves? or non-players tracking players (like fantasy league)?

The app is for, players and coaches, each being able to see their stats but also opposition player stats or different sports codes. Football (soccer) being the more predominate one in the country lets keep it there. The app will focus on women’s sports as well. I need it to show the players name and age, with stats like, Games played, goals scored assists and clean sheets. I also need it to be able to input the data and the calculations similar to excel.

This is the type of table I want to create

As well as this for cricket, Football, field hockey and netball in my community.

It looks like a fairly straight forward app to be honest.

One thing to decide would be are the players users or just players of a user. If a player is interested in using the app, you need a way of letting them almost adopt their data which is doable.

I thin kyour database structure would look along the lines of the below:

USERS (Players)
First Name
Last name
User Type (Coach, Player, etc)
List of Teams
List of Appearances
List of Fixtures

Sport Name
Sport Type
List of Leagues

League Name
League Manager - User
League Sport

Sport Type
Team Name
Team Short Name
Team Logo
Team owner - List of Users

Goals Scored - Number

Fixture Date
Home Team
Away Team
Home Goals - This could just be a number of could be calculated from the Appearance
Away Goals - This could just be a number of could be calculated from the Appearance
Result - Home Win, Away Win, Draw
List of Users (Players)
List of Teams
List of Appearances
Status - Upcoming, Postponed, Played

I could go on, but hopefully that might give you some inspiration. As you build it, you will discover things and it will start to make sense. Everyone does things differently, for instance some data is duplicated, but for good reasons later on.

Thank you so much for the input, always great to receive a fresh perspective although what I’m really struggling with is creating the table with the data I’m fairly new at Bubble and some of the functions are a miss to me. I’ve gone through the course over and over as well as some YouTube channels but I’m still lost, so I was hoping that the fresh insight and maybe a different way of explaining could make it easier for me to grasp.

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