Checking the address and giving a number by its value

Hello everyone.
I’m new to bubble and can’t figure out some things.
My task is to assign the area number according to the customer’s address.
Like for example, 1 area: 13th Street 51, 13th Street 52 and etc. User’s address: 13th Street 51 it means he belongs to 1 area.
Logic im using is: if current user’s address =/is/contains Area’s 1 area/2 area return 1 area/2 area.
I tried to do like: Search for Area contains Current User’s address but it gives me an error.
Would appreciate any help/advice.

Please share more details about your database, and screenshot of elements you are using to display data. Someone will surely be able to help.

1 uchastok - 1 area
2 uchastok - 2 area

here is im trying to display it as text, but i cant figure it out. For example user enters his address and database will give him an area number based on his address.

Hi, you can make data relationship by creating a filed (Uchastok) in the User data type, and “user” in another, vise versa.

You can then show related data to the “current user” or do a search for data (constraints) where (user = current user).

Please create private rules accordingly.

One thing I am not clear about how do you define addresses for the areas (area 1, area 2).

I mean each area has multiple addresses. Are you using option set for the area where address is the attributes as list type?

Or I don’t see any address field either in area data type (Uchastock).

You should build this thing first in this case if you don’t have any.

Hi, Im grateful for your time.
yes, im trying to use it as list type

and tried to do it like text type and then added addresses.
i will try out ur advice and update post in case.

so, i tried it. it kinda worked but it returns “yes”. how to return it like 1 area/2 area?


here is inspection

I think I have found a solution another way. I am working on it. Will share the screenshot in minutes.

You need to change the data structure.
You do not need to create different fields for each areas/region.

1.Instead create a filed "Region Name/Area Name’ (whatever you like)
2. And a filed let’s say “Address” (list data types) - which will list all the addresses of that region/area.


That’s it.

Now in Design tab -
Insert an Input Element (no dynamic source needed) - Users will type addresses or you can make it dynamic by inserting initial value from the users address.

Insert a text element that will show the region based on the input value

Hope it helps.

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omg, thank you so much!! you made my day!

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