Chronometer for several users - Unified Timing

Good Day Guys,

I firstly want to thank you for your time and effort in replying to this question, I know we all have limited time but please help me out with my challenge.

Now I have installed the plugin and also tried reaching out to the developer of the plugin without avail.

I am having 4 chronometer timers 2 of which is counting up to 1 minute and 2 that is counting to 2 minutes. I have created the timers and configured them accordingly and they are working fine - for only the user that is logged in - that is.

I am now looking to extend the timer to start if one user would activate or trigger the timer so that it would be synchronized over to all users to start and run. As a second challenge I would like to understand how to make the timers to be synced to all users even when a users refreshes the page. Can someone push me in the right direction please.

Alternatively, I would like to understand how to accomplish this if I do not make use of the plugin as I would want to go native with the app eventually.

Hoping you find this question challenging and entertaining. Looking forward to your replies.

Yours truly