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Simple Timer/Countdown & Stopwatch plugin which lets you use it’s actions and events to create a perfect timing functionality


Link to the plugin page for more details: Simple Stopwatch / Timer Plugin for Bubble | Zeroqode

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Hi ! :smiley: I bought the plugin and it’s great thanks !

It will be great If the timer could have this functions:

  1. an overall time function, not only seconds, minutes, etc.

  2. an “is running” value (very useful)

Thanks !!

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Hello, @juancamilovasquezard! Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please describe a bit more detailed the functions you’d like to see in future Timer/Stopwatch update (Overall time function & “Is running” value)?

We need to know the exact description of the features you’re asking about, to have a possibility to evaluate the approximate effort estimates, needed for this feature’s implementation.

Zeroqode Team

Hi, thanks:

The overall time is for example to track how much time taks an employee task (similar to toggl or clockify) to have the total time after clicking start, so then I can do math operations with that.

It can be in seconds so I can simply do :

Current time - or + seconds: overall time (because if I had each secondos, minutes, hours and day by separate, I must convert each result of time and then convert it to seconds and then do my math operation and becomes a little messy).

The Is running value, is a variable or kind of state to know if the timer is actually running or no.



Thank you for the details! Our team will investigate your request and I let you know the results - if it is possible to expect the following features in future plugin update.

Zeroqode Team

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I started using the plugin and soon realised that time of the timer cannot be changed after page load. Either I’m doing something wrong or this functionality is missing?

In an environment where everything is SPA, it renders the plugin a bit useless?

Could this functionality be added?

Hello, @quantumind. Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please describe your issue in more details? Like, the element properties/workflow screenshots and the detailed guidance on how to reproduce your issue?

The step-by-step description will help us to reproduce and investigate your issue and will decrease the misunderstanding possibility.

Hope to hear from you soon :pray:
Zeroqode Team

It’s quite simple really…

  1. I have placed the timer in a group.
  2. The group has a custom state “cs.TimerDurationSeconds”
  3. Timer’s start time is taken from that state.
  4. One workflow stops the timer and changes cs.TimerDurationSeconds
  5. Another one starts the timer. Even though the value of the custom state is changed, the timer is still starting with old unchanged value.

Over the weekend I tried some more things. I noticed there is a “reset timer” action, which solves the problem, but only through a hack. I need to send “reset” twice, with about 300ms pause between two commands to get new time into the timer.

I also get these errors:


Thank you for the details of your issue. But it is still not clear completely how can I reproduce your case to face the same error (and to ensure that it is an error). Will it be possible to you to provide us with the direct steps how to reproduce your issue with the screenshots or video record of it + workflow?

Concerning the error screenshots you have shared - we will investigate them with our team and I get back to you shortly, with their definitions (why they have occurred) and how to resolve them.

Thank you for understanding :pray:
Zeroqode Team

@juancamilovasquezard, thank you for waiting :pray:

We have updated the Simple Timer/Stopwatch plugin with the “Resume Simple Timer/Stopwatch” action: https://prnt.sc/sk96ye
Please update your plugin to test the changes. Also, you can check the workflow for this action via the plugin demo page (if you need).

We were not adding the overall time feature to the plugin, because it can be measured via the sum formula: https://prnt.sc/sk98x1. Perhaps it is quite messy, but it is the workable option :slight_smile:

Concerning the “is running” value - as per fact that this state can be created customly and be used as well, we have not added it to the plugin update as a feature.

I hope this will help you to manage your app with the Simple Timer/Stopwatch plugin more effective :pray:

Zeroqode Team


Concerning your error screenshot. The errors are caused by the incorrect data > you might call the Timer element incorrectly.

Perhaps, you are dynamically sending the data to the Timer. This can be your root cause. You need to check if you are sending the correct data type (f.e., number, not text).

Also, can you please provide us with the details on your first request? Like “what do you wanted to create using the Timer element”, “what setup you have made”, “what error you’ve got/your complaint description”, the video record of the case reproducing.
I’m afraid, without this info it will be quite difficult to find a solution to your request.

Rely on your understanding :pray:
Zeroqode Team

@levon I’m looking at adding a timer to an app. Will this plugin be able to resume even when the user is not on the page? I noticed that the timer stops working on page reload.

Hi there, the plugins usually work while the user session is live, unless it’s a server-side plugin which is no the case here.

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I understand. Thanks for your explanation.

Do you happen to have this on your timeline of plugins to build?

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Any thought about this ?


Hi, @comebackevents!

Thanks for reaching out!

Can you please help us by providing some more details about the issue like steps to reproduce, screenshots of the plugin setup/settings to help you better? Thanks.

Zeroqode Team.