Stopwatch plugin for a user identical to what Apple's stopwatch function in "Clock" does

@emmanuel Having a timer that a user can start, pause, resume, and finish is an absolute neccesity for myself and this web-app. Especially if you could perform calculations with the recorded time.

Are there already current plugins that support such an idea? It does not have to be complicated, just like the
Any advice, options, or alternatives would be very appreciated.


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You can always get the current time/date down to the millisecond… that should get you going, eh?

No. The application needs to allow the user to start the timer, then do tasks, and then for the user to stop the timer. Then the app takes the time recorded and performs calculations, and compares it to past records onto a trend. Its not to recprd how long users use the app for. I need excatly what apple provides in the clocks stopwatch function.


“Starting a timer” is just getting the current time. Time is up when current time > time-the-timer-was-started + the-timer’s-duration. If you need a countdown or countup click displayed on the page, you might need something like moment.js. But you could actually do this. I’ve no reason to do this so have t tried it but seems that all the components you need are more-or-less available.

Were you able to figure out a solution. I need the same exact feature for my app.

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