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Circular Profile Pictures Possible?

Can’t you change the roundness setting to something really high - like 200? That will round the edges until they look like circles.

tried it but it doesn’t work. went even up to 2,000 and theirs litteraly no diffrence

Set roundness to 240 and process the image with Imgix - check the box that crops the image and change rescale to stretch.

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even 100 should do:


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It works thank you all so much

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I had luck with the following settings


  • apply circle/ellipse
  • make image element “fixed width”
  • run mode rendering = stretch

Thank you soo much this helped a lot!!

I made this by using Shape-element, made it circle by setting dimensions 40x40 and roundness to 20. Then I choosed the background style as a dynamic image of User’s Pic.

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I was struggling with this, but this works perfect, thanks a lot