Class for all things API connector

I’ve been working on a set of lessons to help bubble users better understand REST API’s and the API connector.
The lessons will go over the more popular API’s (google, Facebook, etc.) and also some core fundamentals so a user can figure out almost any API.
I just wanted to see how many people in the bubble community would actually be interested? It would likely be a $10 class.

I would be very interested! My struggle has come with understanding how to set up API calls and how to adapt things when previous instructions are out of date due to updates in the past two years. A lot of instructions for things like Stripe and Sendinblue were created when API calls looked slightly different!

Also I have read the API reference many times but it still feels like a foreign language. For a visual-first platform it feels very wonky to a non-coder, even though I’m sure it’s a seatbelt version compared to other literature.