What bubble API Connectors Tutorials are missing

We are considering a video or series on how to use the Bubble API Connector APIs that you select the tutorials and we produce the video.

That something you would find helpful; like, comment, or share (with someone that might). Add any other topics that you want to see covered in a video tutorial?

Would anyone here be interested in that, if so which APIs would you want to learn to consume?


First few I’d like would probably be explaining REST API, GET/POST, difference between query string and JSON body.

Comparing bubble API connector and postman

Then any OAuth one is usually a tricky one.

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Yes Definitely… still cant wrap my head round rest apis

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I want my users get connected to their YouTube, Vimeo, and Sportify account via API connector. That would be great if you had those tutoring videos. Thanks in advance.

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