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Clean up an input field for commas, dots, etc


¿Does anyone know how to clean up an input field so when it´s submitted to the database, there is no spaces, dots, commas, etc.?

We´ve an input where we ask for a VAT ID and we need it without any character in the middle or at the end.

For example: some users insert the VAT ID like “BE.857.98-67” but I need just the “BE8579867”.

Thanks a lot.

I´m responding to myself. But maybe with this?

Explore how the :find/replace text operator works

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How do you use in combination with :trimmed? First the find and replace and second the :trimmed?

Thanks a lot.

:trimmed only removes spaces at front and end of text,
:find&replace removes spaces, comma, and other characters from the middle of the texts

hope this helps