Clear custom state values

How can i clear the values inside the custom state (Tried clearing group, where the element exists but the values are not changing)

This is for running a progress bar for a form filling


To clear a custom state, you need to fill it with an empty value. Resetting a group only resets the data source, and not the states.

So you use the Element Actions - Set State in the Workflow menu and leave the value blank.


If you have given a state a default value, then that value will be treated as the state’s reset state. In other words, if you use the method above, it will not empty the state, but reset it to the default. If you want to empty the value, you need to specify a bit more explisitly that you want it empty. I find the easiest way to do it is to insert a space in the value. Bubble then sets the value to " ". If you then remove the space, Bubble will keep it as “”. The result should look like the bottom image.



Thanks petter, I will try the same

Note that I just edited the post to add one more detail.

Might be useful for those who find this thread in search.


This will be good if there are only a number of fields, For large amount of fields 10 or 20+ is there any bulk reset solution…?

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Not that I’m aware of, unfortunately.

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This would be a huge addition though… I use masses of custom states to keep my performance snappy, but changing values or resetting them is the most time consuming part of my App builds.


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