Reset Data Should ALSO reset Custom States on the Element

If there is a group that has custom states on it, the reset data workflow action should reset those custom state values, or there should be a workflow action added to reset custom state values on a element so that when an element has multiple custom states and you want those to reset you are not having to create a set states action in addition to the reset data action.


+1 on this, would be very useful!

+1, I need to reset states in cells within a repeating group but can’t access it when searching for elements

+1 for this. It would be very helpful.

+1 I could definitely use this. I know you are supposed to be able to have the states reset by set state-> leaving value blank. But for some reason that is not even working for me. Not sure what I am doing wrong but it would be good to simply have a workflow.

+1 a pain in the butt to manual set state for a large group of elements to their default state

+1 also reset custom states within elements of a repeating group


+1, really frustrating this doesn’t exist.

+1 pleeeeeease

+1 for making this an option. There are a few cases where I don’t want the states to be reset.

Huge +1

Defo +1

For any Bubble engineers reading this, if this is implemented please make it a checkbox that says “Also reset custom states” because it would break anything built on the assumption that custom states are kept intact. So any existing actions would just have that unchecked.


+1 Up
Praying the Bubble Gods to upgrade Reset Data with the ability to reset an element’s custom states as well :pray:

I’m pretty sure another thread would appear with much more posts in it when it would happen.

+1. Would be a wonderful change

+1. Prio

+1. Multiple workflows.

This. It should be optional or not a feature IMO. Don’t need more things to troubleshoot. It should not reset as part of a broad action like reset data.

If anything there should be a reset states action instead.