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Reset Data Should ALSO reset Custom States on the Element

If there is a group that has custom states on it, the reset data workflow action should reset those custom state values, or there should be a workflow action added to reset custom state values on a element so that when an element has multiple custom states and you want those to reset you are not having to create a set states action in addition to the reset data action.


+1 on this, would be very useful!

+1, I need to reset states in cells within a repeating group but can’t access it when searching for elements

+1 for this. It would be very helpful.

+1 I could definitely use this. I know you are supposed to be able to have the states reset by set state-> leaving value blank. But for some reason that is not even working for me. Not sure what I am doing wrong but it would be good to simply have a workflow.

+1 a pain in the butt to manual set state for a large group of elements to their default state

+1 also reset custom states within elements of a repeating group

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+1, really frustrating this doesn’t exist.

+1 pleeeeeease

+1 for making this an option. There are a few cases where I don’t want the states to be reset.

Huge +1