Reset a number of custom states without refreshing the page

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I am trying to learn how to clear custom states at the end of a work flow. I have the situation where a user finishes a work flow and then they go back and make edits. When they do this the custom states have not been cleared so the calculations are so wrong.

How do you empty a custom state short of refreshing the page or minus an item?

User case:

I have a repeating group (with a check box) and each time a check box is ticked in the RG is calculate the total cost at the bottom.

A user then continues and pressed go live and the package is created but none of the custom states ave been emptied! If the user continues to and filter the RG (and not reset the page) with a different filter combination and then select different items in the RG then the estimate value is incorrect because there are items from te old workflow still in the custom state.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

HI, in order to clear custom states without refreshing the page you have to set them to empty using the set element state action, you can do this when the user presses the “go live” button for example.

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Hi @joao1997domingues,

I am sorry if i am being stupid but I cannot see a function to set as empty. Do you just leave it blank?



Yes just leave it blank :smiley:

it worked thank you.

Any ideas how to make a check box un - check?

I need these boxes to uncheck…


I have attempted a custom state - that when the custom state shows yes then the check box should un-check - however the bubble workflow will only let me check not un-check!

You have to use “Preset status”, on the basis of custom state

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