Clear Input Value

Is there an easy way to clear an inputs value? ‘Reset relevant inputs’ doesn’t work since the input isn’t a part of a workflow.


You can enter the input in a group.You can then reset this group in the workflow, after which the input should be reset again.


Works like a charm! Thank you!

This isn’t actually a “clear” action it’s a “reset” action. It resets the input to whatever its initial value was.

So if you use the initial value function to pre-load the input, the reset action won’t clear it to empty, it will reset it to that original value.

It would be nice to have a “clear” action that just sets an input to empty. That way we can use the initial content function automatically and still give the user the option to erase the input if they want. The way things currently are, if you want the user to be able to set the input to empty, and the initial content has a value in it, the user has to manually erase what’s in the input. In the date & time picker they have to erase the date and time separately, after scrolling to get to the bottom of the time list.

For example, a “clear input” action would let me build a “clear all” button that lets me autofill a group of inputs and still provide a “clear all” button to erase them.


True, the input I tried to empty however, didn’t have any initial value.

Agree. The above solution works though. It’s a bit cumbersome if you want to preserve the data, and still want to clear the inputs.

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