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Relevant Inputs not Reset

Hello all,

Currently I can’t seem to get some of the data in a few of my inputs and drop downs to reset after the save button is entered.

The one’s that have been circled in red are what I can’t seem to get to reset. Is there a way I can manually tell it to reset in the workflow or something else I’m missing? Thanks.

Hey Craig :slight_smile: You can place those elements inside a group, and then use the ‘Reset Data’ action to reset everything within the group to their default values.

Thanks for the fix! It seems to work for the drop downs but not the time fields. I should note that the time fields are not input directly. The user will press the button right above them to capture whatever the current time is and put it into the input box for them. Does this make a difference?


No problem! :slight_smile: Can you share a link to the editor?

Of course. I changed the layout of the app a bit, but the input boxes that are colored differently remain to be the problem:

Ohh I see, so the input default value is a custom state where the value should reset to the current date/time after save entry is clicked, correct? If it’s not updating each time to the current time, I would try changing the default value of the time inputs to be “Current Date/Time formatted at [time]”. This should cause it to reset correctly when the group is reset, since resetting the group is resetting it back to the time the custom state was originally set. Alternatively, you can add a workflow which sets the Date/Time custom state to the current date time when “Complete” is clicked (since that is the workflow which resets the group).

I would prefer the input values not be reset to whatever the current time is when the save entry is clicked. I would actually love if there were a way to reset them to blank after clicking save entry. Because currently, those input boxes are the only fields left with data after the save entry is clicked. (Save entry clears away everything else).

Got it :slight_smile: Instead, you could have the ‘set state’ value to be empty instead of the current/date time when Complete is clicked.

How can I create a new state to set the inputs to empty? If I go to my workflow and choose set state then I have to choose from options that are text, number, etc? Sorry I’m new here and still learning, but thanks for the help.

No worries at all! :slight_smile:

Right now you have four different custom states on the time inputs, and each time input’s initial content is the value of their custom state. You don’t need to create a new custom state, because we’re just changing the value of each custom state from “Current Date Time” to nothing (leaving it blank). The custom states are set to the current/date time when “Call Received”, “Room Arrival”, “Room Departure” and “Complete” are clicked. Since you want those times to be recorded, and then set to be blank when “Complete” is clicked, you would add four “set state” actions in the Complete button workflow which change the value of the custom state from the current date/time to empty, so it would look like:

“When Complete is clicked” -->

  1. Element Actions --> Set State of Input Comp Time, DateTime = Current Date/Time.
  2. [This action isn’t there now, but you’d have a Data Create a New Thing to recorded all of the current information before it’s reset]
  3. Element Actions --> Set State of Input CR Time, Date Time = [leave this blank]
  4. Element Actions --> Set State of Input RA Time, Date Time = [leave this blank]
  5. Element Actions --> Set State of Input RD Time, Date Time = [leave this blank]
  6. Element Actions --> Set State of Input Comp Time, Date Time = [leave this blank]
  7. Element Actions --> Reset relevant inputs to reset the other inputs.
  8. Element Actions --> Scroll to Index, this will bring the User back to the top of the page.

Here’s an example of what it would look like when the value of a custom state is blank:


Thank you so much it worked like a charm!

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