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Button "Clear" to reset inputs on page

I have a button “Clear” which i want user’s to use to reset inputs and start filling info from scratch if they messed up with info, im trying to use the “reset input” action, but how o i specify which input elements to reset?



If you put all the inputs into a group with the button it will reset all the inputs within the same group. That should do the trick hopefully!


Thanks, but that doesnt work, the clear button is in the group of the inputs that i want to reset, and it doesnt do the job

also when i do a reset-relevant-input action after a create-a-new-thing action i want it to reset all field including the fields that wasnt used for saving data

Anybody? i still need help with this

the question again is: how i do i let users clear inputs after messing up with information? or when closing a popup before finishing filling out all inputs? i have a button “clear” with a workflow to reset relevant inputs, but it doesnt clear any inputs, the clear button is in the same group as the inputs i want to reset

Try using the action ‘reset data’ and select the group which contains the inputs and clear button, instead of ‘reseting relevant inputs’. That should do it. :slight_smile:


thanks, yes my mother was right, i AM dumb…


Not a chance! I’ve run into the exact same thing :slight_smile:

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