Clearbit Logo Resizing

Hi Everyone,

Struggling with the re-sizing of Clearbit Logo. No matter what number I put in the size input the size of the Logo does not change.

Any ideas?

Are you also changing the size of the image element itself, not just the external API that retrieves the image?

Yes, and this happens.

You can see that the icon size stays the same, but the size of the whole image increases…

I guess I’m not understanding tbe issue. :slight_smile:

The logo looks correct and is filling the image vertically, so to make it larger you would want to make the element taller since the logos are square. But you have made it wider and used the stretch setting, so I am wondering what you are hoping to see.

Okay, so it was me being a muppet. My bad. Its now bigger and in scale. Only issue is now it has displaced the rest of the RG. This is what I now see in preview.

And this is the editor.

Not sure, but here are a few thoughts.

If it is a reusable element, make sure the size used matches the actual size – the overlap more button reminds me of that issue.

Group your items together. So, group the image with the headings. Group the icons with their respective text.

Take a look at the responsive settings

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