Clearing "sent data" before actioning "set state"

Hi all!

I am sending “Pet Profile” data to the “view profile page” (to display the correct profile) as per below (From the main “select pet” page):


All the info displays correctly, however, I’ve tweaked the page to display a new pet profile when it’s selected using " Set state" as per below:


The above works perfectly in isolation however, if I navigate from the first “select pet page” and then try to change profiles (From the “pet profile” page) nothing happens.

I feel that I somehow need to clear the data? I’ve tried to “reset data” but nothing changes.

I would appreciate some help here :slight_smile: PS: Any tweaks or pro tips to make my workflows better in general would be appreciated :smiley:

Below is my current setup

You can also keep what you had the first time, and when they click the pet profile you can do “Navigate to a page” and just navigate to the same page but send the new pet you want to view. It won’t refresh the page or anything it will just display the new selection

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Amazing thanks I’ll give that a shot!

Worked like a charm, thanks for the advice.

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