Add reusable element with a click of a button

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Need help copying a reusable element after user clicks the [+] button.
For example, user inputs last name, first name, age for person 1, then clicks on [+]. The data for person 1 will be saved. Once the button is clicked, the same reusable element should be copied to allow the user to input information for person 2, 3, 4…
Do I have to use a repeating group to do this? If so, can someone explain how to do it (I’m a beginner)
What other options do I have?

Hi there, @gregkapo… you say the data is saved when the plus button is clicked, right? If that’s the case, you could simply display the data in a repeating group below the plus button. In other words, you have only one set of inputs (i.e., what you are showing in your screenshot), and a user can add as many people as they want (one at a time) by completing the inputs and clicking the plus button. With the repeating group’s data source showing all of the people a user has created, a newly-created person will show as soon as the user clicks the plus button. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


Got it! Thank you!!

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