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I have a repeating group that holds a newsfeed post. In that post a user can add an image, or multiple images. When one of those images is clicked I want the user to see a pop-up of the image in a bigger view such as most websites do with multiple images.

The example on youtube only seems to work when the images ARE a repeated group, but I cannot have my images in a repeated group because of the position of the images I want them to be in. If the user were to upload 5 images, I’d want 1 big main one followed by 4 smaller ones 4x smaller than the main one such as below


When a user clicks one of the above images I want it to expand into view mode and a bigger version of that image pops up. How is this achieved?

I’m OK with how to use Bubble so speak freely :slight_smile:

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Edit:- I’m aware I can do this by manually sending them via workflows to the popup and configuring it to pull the correct images but posts can have between 1 and 5 thumnails before the 5th starts to show a number +6, +7, +8 so I’d need 15 workflows just for the post images to send to a pop-up.

That seems like an inefficient way of doing it.

Can anybody offer a better solution?

@romanmg you’ve answered a few similar queries on this, can you help?

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