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How to trigger workflow to show bigger picture of thumbnail when its clicked?

How do I set up the workflow if I want to show bigger when user click(or tap) the each picture

When user post questions with pics, it appears as the screenshot above.
But they are too small to see.
So i want to show bigger picture when user clicks (or taps) each photos.

these photos are uploaded by a user who posted this questions.
I used Multi-File Uploader.

One approach would be “when the image is clicked” open a popup window with a large size version of that image in the popup. Bubble will look after resizing .

This example is for a button - but the same approach applies for clicking an image.

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Have a popup with data type image.

When the User clicks on the thumbnail, you show the popup and provide it the image data type.

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thank you very much for the answer.

I understood the logic and set it up as you explained, but it is not showing on the popup…

i dont know how to bring date to the pop up from user’s post.

Hi @kuremiya.y,

for sending additional info to the popup (ex. date from user’s post) you can use custom states.

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