Click count help

Please i want ti know how to count the number of times a button is pressesd and save on database.At the moment the options is “Data+1” when button is preesed meaning I count per second .
But i want to be able to count lets say 3 or 4 clicks per second

Hi @aspajeolebouf28 :wave:

Can you be more specific of what are you trying to build? Because we can give you different approaches to solve this issue.

I am trying to build a game where the highest number of clicks within 10 seconds win.
With the current rate its about 8 to 10 clicks in 10 seconds but i definitely click more than that

Don’t use the database for that… just use a custom state.

How would that look like please

Have a custom state (number)

When the button is clicked, increase that number by 1

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