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Clickable element in a list of text inside a repeating group


Is it possible to have each element in a list inside a repeating group clickable ?
I have a repeating group with a list of item coming from my database with the method : “do a search for”.

Resulting in :

My workflow fires well when text is clicked but right now it makes the whole “Search for …” area clickable and not just each text element.

thanks a lot for your help

My best guess would be that you made the entire group clickable instead of the text? I would check to make sure you hadn’t done that.

Thanks @wknepp for your answer. I made the text’s area clickable (see below). So it explains why the whole area is clickable instead of each text element separately. But I don’t see how can I retrieve each element in the repeating group under the “current’s cell…” and make them clickable.


You could put in a group that takes up all the space of one cell of your repeating group. Then you could make that group clickable.

Not sure I understand. The text element is already clickable. I want each element of the list to be clickable separately.

Here there are “etirement trapèze” & “mouvement coup” for the “Rachis” category : the two elements are not clickable separately. Whenever I click on “etirement trapèze” or “mouvement coup” the workflow fires the same text (coming from the database) because the click takes the whole area and not just each text element in the list.

What I am trying to achieve : when I click on “etirement trapèze” (or an icon “+” next to this text)-> display text content of this thing (coming from database) / when I click on “mouvement coup” (or an icon “+” next to this text) display text content of this thing.


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