Clickable rows in Repeating Groups HOW TO

Is it possible to select a repeating groups row to be taken to an view/edit page for the record, similar to the way the link works. I.E make the whole row clickable

Sure, put a group in the RG cell that takes up the whole cell. Then run a workflow when the group is clicked.

Hi Thanks for the advice. I dont seem to be able to get the group to repeat through the cells. I have attached an image to try and explain it. It seems hit and miss sometimes wether the elements repeat. I would have presumed that the element needs to be completly in the frame to repeat.

If the group is inside the cell it will repeat in every cell.

Looking at the image above (in the elements tree) your Group A is not inside the repeating group, so that’s the issue. You need to drag it into the cell and make sure you see the red line at the bottom of the cell to indicate you’re dropping an element within it.

I realised it wasnt in there but couldnt mange to get it in, however now I know about the “red line” it makes it a lot easier thanks

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