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Clickable Repeating Group

Since Repeating Group’s are not clickable, I read one suggestion was to place a Group within the RG because Groups are clickable. However, how do I set the data source of the group so that it will link to the items of the repeating group, which can then be displayed as text items within that group? It seems the only options I have are the “first” or “last” item of the repeating group.
Sorry, this is harder to explain than I thought, so hope it makes some sense.

The main thing I want to achieve is for the whole repeating group row to be clickable rather than placing a button inside the RG row, and then it will take me to a detail page where I can edit the rows data. If there’s another way such as overlaying a transparent button or something, please let me know.

Screenshot below of the text within the Group within the Repeating Group

If I just have the text in the repeating group itself, it works. The text in the Blue group below just repeats the first item though

Just set the datasource of the group to be the current cell’s data.

Then anything inside that group can refer to the parent group’s data.

Awesome, thanks so much! I’m such a newb…

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