Clickable search bar on mobile

So, the issue is that the search bar needs to be hovered then clicked to complete a search. I was wondering how I could have a clickable search bar. The purpose is for mobile.



Could you clarify your question a bit?..

I mean, you say you want to have a clickable search bar… so why can’t you? What is the issue?

By search bar, I assume you’re referring to using a search box element? Well you have to click on those for them to work, so again I’m not sure what you mean by your question.

Maybe some screenshots, or some more details of exactly what you’re trying to do and where you’re having trouble would help to clarify the question…

Hey Adam,

So I fixed the click-ability. Must of had a group or another element above it or something of that nature. Now, i have been struggling to make “enter” or “return” to initiate a search, due to the fact the user is on mobile.

Hopefully this makes sense?