Search Box On Index Page

I have a standard Search Box on my index page which when I preview on my desktop as I type it auto fills I select something and the page resolves. Works perfect, which is great.

When I look at the site on my mobile (apple) when I type in the Search Box nothing happens.

Could someone give me a clue as to why the Search Box works on a desktop but not on my phone?


can you send us a screenshot? I’m guessing it’s something to do with your design (min width) Since your app has mobile view in it, I suggest you design the elements to be as responsive as possible

Here is a screenshot

Kindly send us a screenshot of the layout tab

Here is the layout.

If it helps I can see that the search box is focused when viewing it on a mobile.

Hi, I’ve solved this problem.

The problem was that I hadn’t copied across the development database to the live database.

I went to app data and did that and all is now good.

Thanks for all your help with this.

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