Search box on mobile

I’m having trouble getting the search box to work properly in mobile browsers. The options show up after typing, but when clicked the choice doesn’t show up in the box - isn’t selected.

Is there something to do to make it work?

We just pushed a fix (literally 1 hour ago), can you check again? If still having issue, please email us at

Gues I spoke just too soon. Working great, thanks!

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I am having an issue with the search box on mobile, when scrolling down with the finger to see more options, it autoselect the option my finger is on when I try to move my finger down to keep scrolling, am I clear? Thanks.

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Hey I am having the same issue as caeroa…

Is anybody else experiencing this. If i cant scroll down it makes the search box useless

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@chad @caeroa, I have the same problem of not being able to scroll through the dynamic options from a search box on a mobile (since a scrolling action leads to the selection of the option my finger was placed on to begin with).

Have you been able to solve this, or found a work around? Cheers.

I ended up using a repeating group inside a group that could be hidden and collapsed placed directly under an input with some conditions on it such as when the input is empty the group is hidden.
The repeating group data source is search things for inputs value.
Creates a bit of havoc spaceings but I got a good enough solution for now.
Would be nice to see the search box tweaked so as I could use that tho

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Nice one, seems like a sufficient workaround until scroll vs. select is improved for the search box in mobile. Thanks @chad.