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Clicking a nested group without clicking parent group?

Hi, I am trying to setup the following

What I find is that because both the blue area and the yellow area are connected to actions (blue: page param to display product, yellow: show focus group), both those actions trigger at the same time when the yellow nested group is clicked.

I don’t want this to happen! Any idea how I can achieve this same effect, but with only the yellow elements action being triggered (not the blue) when the yellow area is clicked?


Thanks for posting! Please write us at [email protected] for further assistance.

Re-upping this; were you able to find a solution?

@ladd0393 yes, you can use a on hovered and not clickable conditionals

For example something like “when (yellow group) is hovered (blue group) is not clickable”

Let me know if that works for you

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Yes, thank you!

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