Clicking anywhere outside focus group to make it hide/close


I am not able to close my focus group which is set up in the header (re-usable group). What am I doing wrong?

  • I just want the group to SHOW when clicked on an icon and CLOSE/HIDE when the clicks on the icon or anywhere on the page.

Pleas help needed. Thank you!

default behavior is to close it when click outside of it, so if that is not working you should create a bug report.

In terms of getting it to close on a second click of the icon you could follow this post

but another approach could be to set things up so that when you click the icon to show it, you hide that icon and show a “second” icon…on the click of the “second” icon the workflow to close the group focus should work.

Thank you! Just found the issue:

  • When you have created a ’ re-usable group/element’ and want to add it as a ’ Focus group’ you should first ad a Focus group and then add the re-usable focus group into it. And then the focus group will work (with the re-usable focus group into it).

Thanks for the reply! Much appreciated.


Most of the reasons why somebody would create a group focus as a reusable element is when they would want a “menu” inside of a repeating group that overlaps the cells…so if I open the group focus that is my menu in the cell, the cell doesn’t expand its height to accommodate the height of the group focus, but instead the group focus will “lay on top of the r.g. cells”

Glad you got you situation to work…but I’d suggest not creating reusable elements that are a group focus alone…remember the group focus to work properly needs to have an element that it is referenced to for positioning.

If you really need the contents of a group focus to be reused in multiple areas of your app, simply make a reusable element out of a basic group and then do as you found as a solution which is to add that reusable element made from a group into the group focus on the page.


Thank you for the advice! That is exactly what I am going do to from now on! Thank you!!

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