Clicking outside the search bar once I type in it sends me to a default page

I created a search bar and it’s working as it should in terms or matching the terms with the pages available (and if I click on the search result it opens the right page). However, if I type anything in the search bar and then click on the index page, it automatically loads me into that default page that it’s linked to.

I’m basically stuck not being able to click anywhere on the page after writing in the search box without being automatically redirected.

Any help would be super appreciated! Thank you!


Perhaps you are using the event “when input value changes” and a searchbox.

Consider not using that event and perhaps add a button that when clicked starts the flow that your are using.

Thank you so much for your help! Do you know what event I would use instead? Also how would I go about creating a button that triggers the search? Thank you!

Are you using a template?

No, I’m not using a template.

Oh ok. Just add a button next to the search input and start the same workflow. Do not forget to delete the prior workflow that apparently is that event that monitors for a change in the value of the search input.

So the search bar should have no work flow at all? And then leave the search bar and use a button with the previous search bar workflow instead?

If you do not want to click outside of it and the page reacting as it is doing now

Ok I’ll give it a try! Thanks so much for your help - really appreciate it!

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