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Search Box - Basic Question!

Hi, I have added a search box to a page and created a workflow so that each time the value of the search box is changed it navigates to a “results” page. When you hit the “enter” button after typing in the search box everything works great and you get sent to the “results” page. The issue is that if you type in the search box and then click away from the search box (i.e., anywhere else on the page), the workflow is still triggered and you are sent to the “results” page as well. I have tried multiple workarounds but I am stuck - is there any way to fix this? Thanks a lot to anyone who can chime in! :slight_smile:

P.S. I want to stick to using a search box as opposed to an input form +repeating group as I understand I cannot use my keyboard to “move”/navigate from the input form to the text in the repeating group - please correct me if I am mistaken on this!

This is probably happening because of the workflow that triggers when the value is changed.
In the case where you click outside, the search gets cancelled and the search input becomes empty. But this is still considered to be a valid change of thput value, which is why that workflow probably executes.
You could try adding a condition on this workflow so that it executes only when the search input’s value is not empty.