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Search Box - What am I Missing?

I somehow hadn’t tried the built-in Search Box element until now. Now that I have, it’s not quite what I expected and I wonder if I’m missing something.

When I search, I get matching entries displayed under the search box, which is great. Now I want to open the result item I click on in another page (or group in my case). The only way I can see to do this is to have a workflow triggered when the search box’s value changes, with an action to display the search box’s value in the group.

This mostly works but there is one issue - when I search but do not click on a result, the workflow is still invoked and the view (group) changes, which would be unexpected to the user. It’s like typing in the google search box, clicking on a blank space and suddenly being taken to the website of the first result.

What I was expecting was to be able to access a click event for Search Box’s result. It seems very limited to me without this, which is why I suspect I must be missing something.

The alternative, of course, is to use a regular input and button, but it would be a pity not to be able to use the Search Box.

How have you been able to use the Search Box effectively in your apps? What am I missing?

Sorry, never mind. I figured it out. I was indeed missing something. I set ‘Only when’ to “this search box’s value is not empty” and this ‘fixed’ the problem :-).

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What I also found was that the redirect workflow was also triggered when the searchbox was typed into (not empty) but was put out of focus (via click).

Trying to see if there is an alternative without using a button. Will let you know if an alternative is found.

Sounds like the same problem I was having … maybe. If so, this is what fixed it for me:

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