Custom subdomains for Bubble apps

Hey everyone,

I’m a co-founder of Cloakist, a way to add custom domains and branding to any platform or public page.

Some Bubble users have reached out to us requesting support for custom Bubble subdomains. Specifically, to allow your customers to have profiles/pages at custom subdomains of your main Bubble app’s domain.

For example, we could enable the following:

We’ve started building the groundwork for this already, but would love to hear why others need this and what kind of application you’d use it for!

If you’re happy to sign up and tell us about your use case, we’ll keep you in the loop with our progress and you’ll be eligible for a discount when we launch. You can sign up here:

For more context and general info about Cloakist, you can check out

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!


I’d love the ability to have a subdomain for each Company that signs up for my service. They would do everything from and could point their people there.

Based on my quick overview of, maybe that isn’t possible?

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What you offer is great and you will definitely have clients :slightly_smiling_face:but simplicity and cost will be the judge.
How far are you from accomplishing this? And what is expected cost? Would be per page request or traffic?

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Thanks for the two cents, @andrewgassen!

I can’t fully comment on the limitations just yet (we’re still scoping things out), but there is a reasonable chance that - at least initially - we’ll only support pages which don’t require auth/login .

Not 100% confirmed, but curious to know if that’d still work for you?

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Thanks for your response @solinz!

How far are we from accomplishing this?
Depending on the complexity of your Bubble app, we might be ready to serve you by next week! We have some promising results already. Otherwise, I’d probably say within the next couple of weeks.

Expected cost
We’d need to decide between charging per custom subdomain per month or charging a fixed amount per month for X (or unlimited) custom subdomains. We’re open to the community’s input in making this decision, so I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes sense.

Would be per page request or traffic?
It would most likely be per page (/per custom subdomain).

Would love to hear about your use case if you’re happy to fill this out:

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i did fill the form. for payment. i would pay anything fix. i don’t want to guess or wait until the end of the month to know how much i have to pay.

FYI, someone released a plugin about a week ago that does just this.

But to answer your question, I want users of my Saas app (which is far from finished) to be able to have a complete white label experience and start by having their own subdomain with the possibility of linking it to their own domain name

That won’t work for us. Why dont you team up with Bubble support to integrate this feature. They have done similar with Airtable and Figma.

@alex.cleo Have you developed this yet? I didn’t see it on your site. Thank you.