Clikable reusable element in repeating group?

Hi emmanuel, I’m having a similar issue here that I can’t seem to solve.
I’m trying to use a reusable element (in this case an icon that opens a dropdown menu) inside a repeating group. I’m following this model that AirDev shared.

However, unlike in this example, I just want the action icon to show up on hover on the particular cell in the repeating group. I can get a basic icon to show up on a particular cell on hover, which I explained at the bottom of this thread: but I can’t get a focus group to attach to said cell in the same way (it’s can only be relative to the whole RG), so I’m forced to use a reusable element. BUT, the reusable element won’t talk to anything on my app page for reasons mentioned by you and others above.

If you’ve seen the left menu on that is basically what I’m trying to achieve.

If reusable elements can’t and shouldn’t talk to outside page elements, could the focus group talk to the repeating group cell?

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