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Clikable reusable element in repeating group?

I’ve a reusable element which I want to use in a repeatable group. The problem is that I can not define a click / workflow action on it. The only solution is to add a new group around the reusable element, but this seems a bit too complex/unnecessary.

I believe the workflow for it would actually happen within the reusable element, not on the page you added the reusable element to.

So if you wanted to add a workflow for that element, you’d do it in the same place where you modify the design of the reusable element itself.

But inside the reusable element I do not have access to elements in the parent group/page?

It depends on what you’re doing, I guess. Without seeing your setup, it’s hard to diagnose. I’m not quite sure why a reusable element is being used in this context, so all my info is pretty generic :slight_smile:

The reusable element is use to show basic information about the row/cell of repeating groups.

When I click the cell I want to display a more detailed view of this cell entry. Since neither cell or reusable element has a click event this is impossible. And since this is a mobile app a page load from the reuasble element is also not wanted.

@emmanuel What is your thoughts about this?

A reusable element is a self contained entity, so you should define these elements at the reusable element level.

Yes, but you can not define any workflows to the reusable element. Inside the reusable element you have only access to its internal elements. I want to have click event on the reusable element itself.

Can you post a link to what you’re trying to accomplish? It’s really hard to try to visualize the use case you’re describing, I guess I just don’t see the problem.

Referring external elements from a reusable element doesn’t make sense. If you want to do this reusable elements aren’t the right thing for you in this situation.

I agree, therefor I want to have the reusable element behave like a group that can have click event.

I want to use the reusable element inside multiple repeating groups. Then all these repeating groups will look the same since each has the same cell content, the reusable element. If I edit the resuable element all the repeating groups will be updated with the new look.

But I need to have mechanism for click event on the cell. This event can e.g. open a detailed view of the cell data. I can now make repeating groups that has cell content with a group with click event, and inside this group then the resuable element. But I feel that this is unnecessary with the extra group and nesting of parent data, a more elegant solution would have been repeating groups with cell consiting of the resuable element only, and click event on the reusable element or cell element.