Group Focus inside an repeating group


I can’t find out how to connect a group focus inside an repating group to a datasource. I have looked at several videos, but I don’t have the source option on Appearance on my reusable element (the group focus) when I add it to my repating group.

Can somebody please point me in the right direction?

Hi @Rallis :wave:

Take a look here:

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Thanks. I have tried that. But this is my issue:

My table:

My Row:

My reusable element:

My datasource choices for the reusable element:

So, this does not work. There is still no function on the more icon. :disappointed_relieved:

Your Reusable Element is a group? You need a GroupFocus inside this Reusable Element.
Can you share more detais and images regarding your Reusable Element?

This is my Reusable element:

And this is my table. The Option/more (sample) is the reusable element from the last picture.

I have tried to group the reusable element inside the Row. But it makes no different.

Ok. So how does your GroupFocus appears?
Is it hovering something or clicking something?
You already build this workflow inside your Reusable Element?

Wow! I got a step further.

The Group Focus is now opening when I click on the “more” icon in the table! :smile:

How can I integrate workflows with the buttons within the Group Focus? I presume this involves actions within the reusable element. Does this imply that I must construct my pop-ups within the same reusable element, or can I place the pop-ups on the same page as the table?

I have all of my custom states to pass the right info into the popups on my table-site.

All your workflows should be inside the Reusable Element.

Note that your Reusable Element is a “select_dbo_sample”.
So inside your Reusable Element you can access this datatype referencing to “Option/More (Samples)'s select_dbo_sample” in any formula.

You can do whatever you want with this information…

Imageine that I have a RE of the type “User”.
Inside this RE I can create a workflow to Delete RE’s User
Doing this, I will delete the user associated to this RE.

Make sense?

Thank you so much! It makes sense.

I have the custom states for my unique row in the table. I guess I need to move this to the reusable element?

Yes! If you want to use this custom state in any of your RE’s workflow, then you should pass this custom state to your RE as well.

Note that besides the type of content of your RE (in you case is select_dbo_sample) you can create other properties. Like other data type, text, numbers… This will make the process to pass variables to your RE muche easier.

Does this look right:

On my RE “Option/More (Sample)” I added this:

Then I went to my button “Delete” that is inside the Group Focus and now the workflow.
I´m use to do the WF like this when I do it directly in the table.:

Now I don´t have any states to pass to the delete-popup. So how do I pass the property I created to the popup.

I am not understanding what you are trying to do… :sweat_smile:
What custom state are you trying to pass to your RE?

I use an external database.
In the table, I retrieve my database to display all the records. What I have done so far is to insert an icon into the row that triggers a popup where the user confirms the deletion of the record. To ensure that the user deletes the correct record, I have created a Custom State to identify the correct UUID (my unique identifier in the database). In the workflow, I have therefore chosen “Set Custom State” before the popup is displayed. (See image above)

Now that I’m trying to change one icon to trigger a Group Focus, I don’t understand how to identify the specific record that the user has clicked on. How do I get this data into the popup?

I understood that I could send this data through the property function. But how do I tell the workflow which record to delete?