Clipboard API to copy paste figma components

Hello Friends,
I’m building website similar to this site : Component Explorer
But I don’t know how this copy paste figma components works and how I can implement it in my bubble website ?

How this (“Component Explorer”) works :

When you hover on any file it will show a copy button, once you copy then you can directly paste it into your Figma artboard, how does this work, and How can I implement it on my site?

Please help me to implement it on my website,


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These are UI elements for figma. It’s like a picture. You must create the functionality on your real bubble app.

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Hi, yes these are images but when you click on copy button, it will copy the component from figma and paste it directly to my own figma file, How I can do this same function to my bubble app ?


You need to create that functionality. You must learn how workflows and basic editing works.

Here’s an example of a fully responsive navbar. You can copy and paste this into your own app.

Yes, I have basic skill in bubble but I don’t know how to locate particular figma element and copy paste it in other file, can you please explain me about this function ? this is really helpful for me to build the similar project.


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Hi there,

did you manage to find how or a way?


Hi, I can’t find it , you have any solution for it ?

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