Hiring to replicate figma components & elements 1:1 on Bubble

Hey Folks,

I’m looking for someone who can replicate our HUGE Figma library of components and elements 1:1 on Bubble. This will require a knowledge of:

  • Bubble Reuseable Components
  • General knowledge of Figma
  • Element conditionals for effects like hover, focus etc.
  • Indepth knowledge of how to work with reusable components on Bubble to handle different conditionals by passing in values from where it’s rendered.

If this is something you’re up for, please send me a DM here with some examples of your work. I will share more details and answer any questions you may have.



I will send a DM. :blush:

Just sent you a message :slight_smile:

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DM sent, Have a nice day!.

Certainly, I’d be happy to help with your project! I have extensive experience in this field and believe I can make a significant contribution to your project. Please feel free to contact me via WhatsApp at +386 30 747 834 or through the following link: Viktoriia Gaag - Zerocoder | No-Code Marketplace . I’m ready to get started and assist you in achieving your development goals.

I have sent you a DM, really interested in collaborating with you.