Cloned Page Redirecting to Original

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I cloned an original, live app. and I modified/upgraded the contents for a similar but different app. When I put the new, clone app up live it now redirects to the original app. I am sure there is a simple fix I just can’t seem to figure it out or fine the answer.


There must be a workflow that fires at page load with a “GoTo” action with a hardcoded URL

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OK, thank you for the reply. How do I enter the code and remove this?
Why is the landing page the landing page for the original app and not the duplicate?


Here are the workflows.
This is very elementar Bubble’s knowledge, I’ve given the answer in my previous message :wink:

You should maybe start with a some youtube beginners tutorials

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I know what Workflow is…my point was that my workflows direct within the duplicate page. The preview works flawlessly. And I have linked the DNS/Domain. For some reason it loads the original application, not the clone. It is not a Workflow issue, unless as you previously mentioned it is hardcoded within the code somewhere,

It could be that

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Feel like it has to do with DNS Settings - Data Values. When I was originally provided these to link the Domain in the registry there were 8…I used those and when I looked at the original application and its Domain Values, 4/8 of the values provided in the duplicate app. were of the original app. I have now deleted those from the domain registry…yet I still go to the original application when I try to use the URL I linked to the new/duplicated app.

I feel like I should have said this in the original post (durp)

TY. This is nowhere in any of my workflows.