Live Duplicated App. Domain redirects to Original App

I duplicated an original, live application and I modified/upgraded the contents for a similar but different app. When I put the new, duplicated app. live, it redirects to the original app. There is no redirects in the Workflow portion of the application (i.e. “GoTo” action with a hardcoded URL). I can’t seem to unlink the original app from the new domain…

Could this be because of DNS Settings - Data Values? Is there a difficult to find connection that was created when the application was duplicated?

When I was originally provided the data values to link the Domain in the registry there were 8…I used those when I was connecting the new application to the new domain and when I looked at the original application and its Domain Values, 4/8 of the values provided in the duplicate app. were of the original app. I have now deleted those from the domain registry…yet I still go to the original application when I try to use the URL I linked to the new/duplicated app.

Please help!
Thank you for your time.
BR, Dude