Cloning a page from a different app

I would like to create a new page by cloning a page but from a different app, is this possible?

If not possible, what is the best way to copy and paste to a new page? Everytime I copy or copy with workflows, when I paste on a new page, none of the elements align correctly, how do I fix that?

Hey @djpapzin

Assuming both apps are on the same Bubble account, you’ll need to open both in two different tabs. You might need to replicate the styles as well from one app to the other.

Go to the page you want to replicate on the first app and make sure your entire page is selected.
Then click on the Edit button on the top left of the page (in the Bubble Header) and click Copy with workflows
Same process on your other app, and click Paste with workflows

Hi @ambroisedlg

Yes, the apps are on the same Bubble account. When I copy & paste the entire page as you suggest, none of the elements get positioned correctly. Am I doing something wrong?

@djpapzin the only explanation I have is that both apps’ styles don’t match - although I don’t recall having the same issue
Can you make a quick video using Loom for example?

Hi @ambroisedlg

I’ve been struggling to record the screen because the “copy & paste” makes my device freeze. When it’s finally pasted,it’s in duplicates…

I’ll DM you the links to editors so you can try it from your side and see if you experience the sane problem…

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