Bringing functionality from one app to another?

Hi All!
I have been playing with bubble for a few days looking to build out an mvp for a side project Im working on.

Starting to get the hang of the workflows, and have more or less mapped out how to build the functionality I want.
To expedite the process of making everything look pretty I’ve looked at some of the templates for making responsive pages, but it seems i cant bring my work from one app into another.
Is it just me missing something or is this not possible (yet)?


You can copy/paste between two tabs that have different apps. Select the items, or group(s), that you want to move. Right-click and select “Copy” or “Copy with Workflows”. Then go to the tab with the app you want to copy the items to and right-click “Paste” or “Paste with Workflows”.

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Thank you! :pray:

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