Possible to copy pages between Apps?


Is it possible to copy pages between apps in Bubble?

I have a page created in 1 app that I would like to re-use in another app

Many thanks

Yes you can copy/paste with workflows

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Hi @marc2

A quick answer to this is yes sort of, I think its possible to copy page’s content from one app to another, here is the method:
2 tabs open, one app and the other. On the first app, go to the page, at the top of the Editor click ‘Select all’
Hit ctrl (cmd) + c to copy and in the other tab, create the page and then hit ctrl (cmd) + v to paste.

A few things to bear in mind is that this will probably only work for visual elements like text, images, groups, if these have conditions related to the page itself then they will copy over, however if they have conditions that reference a data type it will create an error.

You can also copy and paste (within the same Edit menu) with workflows. This will work in copying over the workflows as well, but if they reference a data type e.g. workflow make changes to thing - then it will create an error. If its a show element type of workflow it should copy fine, although you may need to check the workflow to make sure its referencing the correct element.


Thanks Luke for your detailed reply :+1:

Maybe it’s a FEATURE REQUEST or something. It is possible to copy pages with Workflows. And it’s pretty useful. It copies elements anyway and it will even ‘paste in place’, which is useful so far.

Of course it generates lots of ‘Issues’ if data types and their fields are not consistent in the new app.

Another aspect that it would be good to have, this is the feature request, is COPY STYLES / or be able to Create / Copy themes (i/e/ a collection of styles) without using the market place.

Am just learning the brilliant bubble and sometimes you start down a rout with one ‘app’ , learn new things along the way and then want to copy pages etc between apps.

Also I can see that later down the line, there will be templates or content from other apps that I’d like to move to another.

On the whole, some easy, error-reducing, work-efficient way of copying pages/ templates/ styles and stuff between apps would be great. So part cloning of an app or mixing and matching bits between them.


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