Cloning an App is a 100% clone?

Hey there!
When I started my bubble journey I just gave a random name to my bubble app, because I thought you can change the name later on. Now I found out that this is not possible. So in order to get the name I like, I have to clone the App with the “testname”. Now my question is: Will it be a 100% 1 to 1 clone from my App? Because I got some plugins and API-Connections in my App with the testname which of course have to also be in the cloned app.
When I do clone my testname-App will it be a 100% clone or do I have to consider things that wont get 100% cloned?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

Plugin subscriptions do not transfer so if you have paid for any plugins they will be gone.

The name of the app does not matter at all so why do you consider copying just for this ?

How about database names, which seem to retain the original name and not the current name. Are they copied as the original, or the current?