Closing a popup when a youtube video ends

Hello everyone. I’d like to ask for your help because I’ve been stumbling over a problem for a long time. I want to create a game where when player A presses a button a video appears for player A and B. I have a system that allows both players to see it in real time. The problem is that the video appears in a popup and I need to close it once the video is finished. The video comes from youtube. I haven’t found a plugin that lets you take action (in this case, close the popup) once the video is finished.

I had thought of entering the time of the video in the database to schedule an action once the time had passed. The problem is that if the player’s connection is poor, the video may only appear for a few seconds before disappearing.

So I’d like to know if anyone has a trick that would enable me to close a popup once a video has finished. That would be very kind.

Have a nice evening.

Have you checked videojs plugin from @pork1977gm ?
It can get this kind of trigger

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